Lehigh Valley 1031
   ...a Qualified Intermediary serving the greater Lehigh Valley

  Martin Tower, Bethlehem PA 900 Block Lehigh Street, Easton, PA  

Lehigh Valley 1031, LLC,
acts as a qualified intermediary
[see note at left]  servicing the needs of real estate professionals, accountants, and real estate sellers of the Lehigh Valley.

Since we focus on the people of the Lehigh Valley area, our attention is on personal service and client satisfaction.  We are not simply an Internet company but a bricks and mortar business with our offices in the Lehigh Valley and all escrowed funds are held at local institutions, unless requested otherwise. 

With over twenty-five years of industry experience, we are available to meet or talk with you and your lawyer, accountant or other real estate professional to help plan and structure your transaction.

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